Western Re-Enactment In The United Kingdom
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Western Armourers:

Western shows and performances would be robbed of their true energy if they didn't have any of the classic guns of the Old West. Names like Samuel Colt, Smith and Wesson, Winchester and Sharps are all powerfully evocative of the time when a man who went around without a gun was probably a city slicker!

We are lucky (in view of the tight firearms control in the UK - see here), that we can still purchase and own blank-firing replica's of our favourite Western guns. Blank-firing guns use black powder blanks, which look like small bullets with plastic flat ends or crimped (or pinched) ends. Blank-firing guns can't be made to fire normal live ammunition, and they work in such a way as to make them as safe as possible for the responsible owner. The range of these guns is slightly limited, but with the passage of time we expect more companies (as well as the market leaders) to broaden their range.

Here is a look at some of the best UK and US sources for blank-firing replica's.


UK Armourers

Western Shooting Supplies

Supplies for the Cowboy Action Shooter - based in the UK!


The marketplace for Military Vehicles, Militaria, Services and Surplus Military Equipment

Chris Johnsons
Established in 1991 we have been trading from our shop in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for over 10 years. Some of you may have seen us at Northern Arms Fairs, or have seen our regular advert in Gun Mart. We sell re-enactment equipment, original and reproduction guns and weaponry, as well as air weapons and modern shooting equipment. We are also Registered Firearms Dealers.

Regalo's Line Dancing & Western Store:
Based in Blackpool, stocking a wide variety of both line dancing and Western gear - including blank-firing pistols and non-firing replica's. Definitely worth a visit!

The Sutlers Stores:
We still have a firearms certificate and a stock of period weapons.
We HAVE blankfirer's, not secondhand. We have imported a batch from Pietta and more on the way. We also have a range of deactivated pistols of civil war era. Plus we carry a wide range of wallhangers.

Don't forget that we go back to the 1700's, so don't only do ACW and western, we can cater for trappers and the American War of Independence as well.

And for the ladies, we now have 2 huge ranges catering for the period and
modern enthusiast.

Come and visit our store and get photographed in our Western town. No
problems with the weather - it's inside!

Bromyard Sports:
Based in Hereford, Bromyard Sports
offers a wide range of Western blank-firing pistols. They offer the Bruni made peacemaker which is certainly the most affordable for beginners, as well as the beautiful Pietta and Armi San Marco models. Some other models include: Remington New Army, Navy Colt, Colt Sheriff and more. It's more than worth your while to call them and ask about other models, I did and was extremely pleased at how friendly the staff are. They offer western gunrigs, inert (dummy) .45 shells to populate your belt with, as well as blanks.

Ranch House Western Ware International:
Based in the West Midlands, Ranch House Western Ware offer an impressive range of pistols. They have models such as the Remington, Navy Colt, Sheriff Colt, Armi San Marco Peacemakers and the Bruni die-cast Colt replicas. They also offer a nice selection of gunrigs as well as inert bullets and blanks.

Relics offer a nice range of non-firing pistols such as the Colt Peacemaker, Colt Navy, and other popular models of the time. The pistols all have actions that work so you can cock the mechanism and dry fire the action. These are fun for decoration or the re-enactor who hasn't much money and doesn't need or want the effect of firing a more realistic weapon.

Sandra's West 'n Wear:
Based in Somerset, Sandra's West 'n Wear offers the famous Armi San Marco Peacemakers, as well as the Bruni and the Jackal brand of Colt replicas. They also offer gunrigs, dummy bullets, blanks and even lariats! The site is well laid-out and fun to browse.

Wild Horse Western Wear:
Based in Cheshire, Wild Horse Western Wear offers the Armi San Marco Peacemakers, along with what looks like the Pietta range of Colt replicas. They also offer inert longarms, cavalry swords, gunrigs, blanks and inert (dummy) shells. The site is very fancy and they offer more than just blank-firers.

Reports are this store is closed, take care to telephone them if you are travelling a long distance.

Battle Orders:
Based in East Sussex, Battle Orders must be the "Daddy" of replica sites. They stock replicas of almost anything out there, and there site is well worth the time. Their western blank-firing range is a little small at the moment, although their western non-firing (inert) range is huge. Their blank-firers include the Bruni range and what appears to be Pietta Colt replicas. This is a major company and even though their western blank-firer range is comparatively small, the inert pistols and rifles are a treat.

McAvoy Guns:
Based in Wigan. Stocking a wide range of Western style shotguns, muzzle loaders and black powder pistols. An established, family-run business - recommended to me by a long time customer.

Stocking firearms, shotguns, deactivated arms, and a large range of blank-firers by the leading contenders. Western clothing and gun leather also available. Call Chris on 01423 561364.

You can find blank-firing pistols and the blank-firing winchester rifles here.

Western Replicas, Blank Firers A Band And More!





International Armourers


I.A.R. Historic Firearm Replicas:
in San Juan Capistrano, California. This company supplies most of the popular brands, as well as their own brand. It's a great looking site that's easy and fun to navigate, however check with the site regarding deliveries to the UK, there may be certain things you need to research first.

Armi Sport:
Founded in 1958, this Italian company produces some of the finest replica "live-fire" rifles of the Old West.

Another Italian leader in the replica "Old West" industry. Definitely worth a look.

Davide Pedersoli & Co.:
Muzzle-loading and replica firearms official website.